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Announcing Beginning iOS Programming with Swift for iOS 15 and Xcode 13

Announcing Beginning iOS Programming with Swift for iOS 15 and Xcode 13

After months of hard work, the new edition of our Beginning iOS Programming with Swift course for iOS 15 and Xcode 13 is now officially launched.

In addition to updating our course for iOS 15 and Xcode 13, this new update comes with two editions of the beginner book for UIKit and SwiftUI.

swift programming book for uikit and swiftui

Should you learn SwiftUI or UIKit? This is a common question after the release of SwiftUI. During this transition period, it is not an easy choice for people who are completely new to iOS development. This is why our new beginner book comes with two editions to support your learning on these two UI frameworks. The two editions cover the same topics and teach you how to build the same iOS apps. However, for one edition, it uses UIKit while the other one shows you how to build the same feature using the latest version of the SwiftUI framework.

All our packages including starter and professional bundle both editions of the beginner book.

What’s more is that we’ve added two new app templates to our professional package. As always, the professional package comes with a collection of comprehensive learning materials that train you to become a professional iOS developer.

Last year, we bundled the RSS app and subscription app in the package. This year, we’ve developed two new app projects using SwiftUI and added to the package. One app shows you how to use Unsplash APIs to build a photo app. The other is designed to teach you how to work with CMS backend (e.g. Airtable) and Markdown. You can learn the APIs and code design by reading the source code of the projects. Most importantly, you are free to use the source code for your own personal/commercial projects. This should save you tens of hours from building the projects from scratch.

To celebrate the launch of this book update, we are now running a special sale for our email subscribers. From now till Oct 28 (23:59 PST), we dropped the prices for our Beginning iOS Programming with Swift packages. To enjoy the discount, you can check out the official sales page and enter the discount code “launch2021” at checkout.

Beginning iOS Programming with Swift – Basic Package ($39 only, Regular Price: $49)

You’ll get two eBooks in PDF, ePub, and Mobi formats, plus full source code of the demo apps. One book is for UIKit and the other is for SwiftUI. The UIKit edition of the book has over 900 pages, while the SwiftUI edition has around 650 pages.

Beginning iOS Programming with Swift – Starter Package ($64 only, Regular Price: $99)

Everything in the basic package, plus Intermediate iOS Programming with Swift ebook and the iOS screenshot design guide. This package also comes with the HTML version of the ebooks.

Beginning iOS Programming with Swift + Mastering SwiftUI – Professional Package ($149 only, Regular Price: $249)

Everything in the starter package, plus the Mastering SwiftUI ebook and 4 app project templates with full source code. The templates include RSS reader app, subscription app, photo app, and CMS app. So this package is a steal! If you hire a developer to create those app projects, it will probably costs more than $20,000. This package also includes an iOS Screenshot Design Guide for Developers and an App Design Resource Sheet.

As usual, all these packages include one year free update. If you purchase the starter/professional package, you will receive the intermediate book updates (for iOS 15) later this year for free.

I hope you’ll enjoy this offer and our new book. This exclusive offer, however, is not available forever. It expires on 28 October, 2021 (23:59 PST).

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