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Intermediate iOS Programming with Swift is Now Updated for iOS 15 and Xcode 13

Intermediate iOS Programming with Swift is Now Updated for iOS 15 and Xcode 13

This intermediate book (over 950 pages) uses a problem-solution approach to teach you Swift programming and covers some of the common APIs provided by the iOS SDK including Core ML and ARKit. The book and the source code bundled are now compatible with iOS 15 and Xcode 13.

This book is written for developers with some experience on the Swift programming language and with an interest in developing iOS apps. It is not a book for beginners. But if you have some experience in Swift, you will definitely benefit from this book.

While you can start reading from chapter 1 of the book, but this is not a must. Each chapter stands on its own, so you can also treat this book as a reference. Simply pick the chapter that interests you and dives into it.

What You’ll Learn in this book

Here are what you will learn in this Intermediate Swift book:

Chapter 1 – Adaptive UI Using Universal Storyboards and Size Classes

Chapter 2 – Creating Table View Sections and Index list with Diffable Data Source

Chapter 3 – Animating Table View Cell

Chapter 4 – Reading and Parsing JSON

Chapter 5 – How to Integrate Twitter and Facebook Sharing

Chapter 6 – How to Create Email with Attachment

Chapter 7 – Sending SMS and MMS

Chapter 8 – How to Get Direction and Draw Route on Map

Chapter 9 – How to Search Points of Interest Using Local Search

Chapter 10 – Audio Recording and Playback

Chapter 11 – Scan QR code using AVFoundation Framework

Chapter 12 – Working with URL Schemes

Chapter 13 – Working with Camera

Chapter 14 – Video Capturing and Playback using AVKit Framework

Chapter 15 – Display Banner Ads using iAd

Chapter 16 – Using Custom Fonts

Chapter 17 – AirDrop

Chapter 18 – Building Grid Layouts Using Collection Views and Diffable Data Source

Chapter 19 – Interacting with Collection View

Chapter 20 – Adaptive Collection View

Chapter 21 – Building a Weather Widget Using WidgetKit

Chapter 22 – Building Slide Out Sidebar Menus Using Objective-C Libraries

Chapter 23 – View Controller Transitions and Animations

Chapter 24 – Building a Slide Down Menu Like Medium App

Chapter 25 – Self Sizing Cells and Dynamic Type

Chapter 26 – XML Parsing and RSS

Chapter 27 – Apply a Blurred Background Using UIVisualEffect

Chapter 28 – Using Touch ID for Authentication

Chapter 29 – Building a Carousel-like User Interface

Chapter 30 – Working with Parse

Chapter 31 – How to Preload Existing Data into SQLite Database

Chapter 32 – Connecting Multiple Annotations with Polylines and Routes

Chapter 33 – Using CocoaPods in Swift Projects

Chapter 34 – Building a Simple Sticker App

Chapter 35 – Building iMessage Apps Using the Messages Framework

Chapter 36 – Building Custom UI Components Using IBDesignable and IBInspectable

Chapter 37 – Using Firebase for User Authentication

Chapter 38 – Google and Facebook Authentication Using Firebase

Chapter 39 – Using Firebase Database and Storage to Build an Instagram-like App

Chapter 40 – Introduction to CoreML (Available in late March)

Chapter 41 – Building AR Apps with ARKit and SpriteKit

Chapter 42 – Working with 3D Objects in Augmented Reality Using ARKit and SceneKit

Chapter 43 – Use Create ML to Train Your Own Machine Learning Model for Image Recognition

Chapter 44 – Building a Sentiment Classifier Using Create ML to Classify User Reviews

Chapter 45 – Working with Image Tracking in ARKit

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For beginners, if you want to learn more about Swift, you can check out our beginner book at

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